If someone makes a report that names you through Report + Support, this is not the same as making a formal discipline report or complaint about you through our Discipline or Complaints procedure. We do not investigate reports made on Report + Support unless we need to take action to avoid serious harm to someone, or they are escalated to our Discipline or Complaints procedure. 

If this does happen, we understand that it can be very distressing to be accused of something. You may experience many emotions including anger, shame, and fear. 

Please be assured that the University will not make assumptions based on the information provided in a report. No one will be considered responsible or “at fault” until the report  has been reviewed and/or investigated. All those involved will be treated fairly, respectfully and supported throughout. 

It may be useful for you to read about some of the behaviours described on Report + Support here.

Complaints and Student Disciplinary procedures 

The  University of Sussex Complaints and Student Disciplinary procedures can be found here.

The submission of a Complaint or Student Discipline report means that someone has asked the University to investigate an incident or behaviour which may have breached the University of Sussex regulation linked to student behaviour. If a review of this report suggests that this regulation has been breached, a fair investigation will take place, led by a trained and independent member of University staff. 

We will not ordinarily inform other people outside of this process that an allegation has been made. We will tell you if such a person needs to be informed. We will not however, disclose any details of the allegation to those outside of this process. 

Alternatives to the Complaints and Student Discipline process 


Mediation is held by a neutral person (a 'mediator'). The mediator is impartial. This means they do not take sides. They’re there to help everyone involved find a solution they can all agree to. 

It’s not about judging who was right or wrong in the past but looks at how to agree on moving forward. 

For mediation to take place, both parties must want to participate in the process. You don’t have to agree to take part in this, but it can be a helpful way to resolve disputes and create awareness of someone’s behaviour. 

Restore Respect 

This is a specific route that the University of Sussex offers that the person who has submitted a report using this system may choose to take. Please see information on the Restore Respect route here.


We understand that you may need support during this time.  Below are a range of support services within and outside of the University that you may want to access. 

The Student Life Centre at the University of Sussex is available for advice and guidance on further support options and for ongoing support for students. They provide a range of specialist, professional and confidential services to support students with financial, welfare, and emotional issues.

The Students' Union Advice Service provides a confidential, non-judgemental, and free service to all current University of Sussex Students.  It is independent from the University and provides specialist advice and support on academic issues, such as concerns about your university experience, the student complaints procedure, appeals, disciplinary hearings and academic misconduct investigations. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened