If you would prefer to seek help and support outside of the university, here are contact details for some relevant organisations: 
Hersana (https://www.hersana.org/) provide Black femme survivors of all forms of gendered violence with support, access to justice and counselling. Contact Hersana by phone (0333 016 9610) or email (info@hersana.org). 
Karma Nirvana 
For support and guidance about Forced Marriage and so-called ‘honour-based’ violence, contact Karma Nirvana - https://karmanirvana.org.uk/, UK Helpline: 0800 5999 247. 
The Forced Marriage Unit 
The Forced Marriage Unit leads on the government’s forced marriage policy, outreach and casework. It operates both inside the UK (where support is provided to any individual) and overseas (where consular assistance is provided to British nationals, including dual nationals). 
The FMU operates a public helpline to provide advice and support to: 
  • victims and potential victims of forced marriage 
  • professionals dealing with cases 
The FMU public helpline can help with: 
  • safety advice 
  • providing assistance when an unwanted spouse is due to move to the UK (‘reluctant sponsor’ cases) 
  • where possible, assistance in repatriation of victims held against their will overseas 
To contact the Forced Marriage Unit, telephone: +44 (0) 20 7008 0151, or email: fmu@fcdo.gov.uk 
If someone is at risk of forced marriage and are being taken abroad, they can hide a small metal object, like a teaspoon, in their clothing to set off metal detectors at the airport. Staff should be trained to take the person aside and ask if they are ok.  

There are two ways you can tell us what happened