This Report + Support online tool has been developed by Culture Shift.  By using the tool, staff and students can report issues relating to sexual violence, domestic abuse, hate incidents, bullying and harassment, stalking and discrimination.  Reports can be made anonymously or with contact details.  The tool also provides information about internal and external support, policies and procedures. 

On launching the tool, we are committed to: 
  • Share six monthly insight reports here – insight reports will provide data on the number of reports made (anonymous and with contact details), the themes identified in reports and the reasons for not wishing to report.
  • Write an annual report which collates data from the 6 monthly insights, describes action taken in response to key themes arising and sets out plans for the next reporting period.
  • Share data on student reports termly with the Inclusive Sussex Programme Board (ISPB), the People Culture and Inclusion Committee (PCIC) and the University’s Education Group.  This group will approve action plans and review progress against plans. 
Please be assured that any data you submit in a report will be managed in line with data protection legislation and according to our privacy policy so that your details and your specific case will not be identifiable in the reports that are produced. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened